We at Kent Crèches appreciate how important it is for you to bring together a great day enjoyed and shared by all


We aim to remove any extra tension or anxiety caused on your big day by providing qualified, experienced and best of all friendly staff to care for your little loved ones.


We at Kent Crèches strive to provide our clients with peace of mind and assurance that if any young guests become unsettled or uninterested during, the most important part of your day, they can be comforted and cared for in a separate area of the Church or venue.


If internal space is an issue we can provide a marquee or a pre-designated and safe area complete with our highly trained staff in the grounds of your event


We at Kent Crèches believe that education and fun go hand in hand. It is our professional approach to this which excels us above the rest


We aim to provide fun and stimulating activities whereever our crèches are based. If for example: We only have access to an internal room we will provide storybooks, puzzles, colouring pages and supplies or stationary.


If access is available to an outside area we will make it our personal goal to include nature and the local environment, whilst still providing first-rate supervision and care.


We at Kent Crèches understand and appreciate that children need room to move and enough space to successfully release some of their energy. It is our belief that an active child is a happy child and where appropriate we shall provide this for them.


Reception Package


Kent Crèches is sensitive to the needs of children and know that most children of a younger age have higher attentive needs. At Kent Crèches we have designed a package that will keep your young guests entertained for 3-4 hour block sessions.


You may require us to provide a crèche for various elements of your big day be it the; drinks reception, meal, speeches, or all of them.

Whatever your individual requirements we can design a tailored package to suit you.


Being a mobile crèche service we will require that you provide us with a designated area and we will happily provide your children with an assortment of fun toys and stimulating activities that will keep your young guests entertained and inspired for hours on end.


Evening Package


Kent Crèches acknowledge that weddings don’t just simply end after the day’s events.


We offer an entirely flexible service and can provide crèches throughout the evening too.


Evening crèches are a unique proposal to the standard babysitter. It permits parents to be present at your Wedding, whilst still actively involving all family members making it beyond doubt, a great family day.


As your day progresses and the younger of your guest start to tire, we will have designated staff that will slow the pace of the activities, encouraging story time, restful play and DVD’s or CD’s, that will soothe and gentle relax your younger guests.


Kent Crèches appreciates that not all of the guests in our care will be ready to finish their day. For these little party monsters we will provide an array of activities including games set around a music theme or maybe even game consoles for the older guests.


Babysitting Package


Kent Crèches also provides a babysitting service and can provide care for up to three children per carer.


If this would be suitable to you or your guests we can delegate staff to care for your little guests in their pre-booked hotel or at home.


Kent Crèches will still provide the exacting standards of care to your children. Actively encouraging rest and relaxation with lullabies, story times and DVD time if required.


Kent Crèches appreciates that your reception can carry on through the night but can only provide care until 2am.

This service may be beneficial to your guests and for your convenience we will supply you with leaflets containing all of our services.

These can easily be sent with invitations to your guests who could benefit from using our babysitting service.


Full Day Packages


Kent Crèches also provides a package for your whole day.

Our dedicated team of staff will be there ready for your younger guests to arrive 30 minutes before the start of your service, all the way through to 2am.

If this is more suitable to your requirements please contact us and one of our Kent Crèches Co-ordinators will be happy to design a bespoke crèche fitting your personal requirements.