“Kent Crèches believe children are of

extreme value, we will encourage children

to develop and feel safe in a caring,

stimulating environment.

Kent Crèches follow all guidelines set out

by Ofsted, using suitably qualified and

experienced staff”

Kent Crèches Aims


To provide an environment which is fun, stimulating, safe and friendly.


To encourage children to develop both social and practical skills and to create new friendships with group participation.


To encourage children to express themselves freely whilst gaining in self confidence and creativity.


To provide a setting for children to develop an awareness and respect of other children's cultural differences, ethnic backgrounds and abilities.


To support learning through an array of play activities.

To promote physical activity through exercise, sport and play.




The Kent Crèches registration form must be completed and handed into the supervisor on your child’s first visit. This form will remain confidential available only to Kent Crèches staff. This information will be stored by Kent Crèches and will be used accordingly.


Details of any medical conditions, allergies or additional requirements your child may have are to be included in the appropriate section of the registration form.


Kent Crèches are not permitted to administer any medication, however; we must be given details of any medication your child is currently taking or prescribed.


Kent Crèches courteously remind all parent/guardians not to bring a child into the crèche if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea or any other potentially contagious illnesses or viruses. This will help to avoid the spread of infection amongst children and staff members.


Booking In and Out


Upon arrival all children’s details must be provided in the daily register. At this time please share any concerns you may have regarding your child and any special instructions which will assist Kent Crèches in providing a joyful experience for your child.


Kent Crèches staff will change wet clothing or soiled nappies if or when required during a session. Kent Crèches need you to authorise this by initialling the register in the correct section.


Parent/guardians are asked to provide nappies, wipes and cream. A change of clothes for older children is also advisable in case of accidents.


Any items brought into theCrèches must be labelled clearly with the child’s name – this includes soothers and pacifiers. This will aid Kent Crèches staff with the registration process.


Food and Drink


Children are welcome to bring a suitable healthy snack (e.g. Fresh or dried fruit, rice cakes, rusks, breadsticks) and a drink in a suitable labelled container.

At Kent Crèches our aim is to make our crèches a NUT FREE ZONE, however we cannot fully guarantee this:


Please do not bring dairy products, sandwiches or anything that needs to be refrigerated into the crèche as we cannot provide this facility.


Children will be expected to sit down at a table whilst eating and drinking but only if they are of an appropriate age.


Suitable Clothing


Please dress your child in suitable clothes as they are likely to take part in creative activities such as painting, gluing or cooking.


Care and Discipline


If your child finds it hard to settle and becomes distressed during the session, Kent Crèches staff will contact you requesting you to come comfort them and attempt to re-settle your child or to end their session early.


We are quite happy to continue to settle a child even if it takes a number of visits to instil their confidence and for them to experience a positive crèche session. If you have any queries relating to this matter please let us know.


Kent Crèches policies and Procedures


In order to uphold our high standards in the crèche we must adhere to a number of policies and procedures. These can be obtained on request. Kent Crèches adheres to the following list of policies and procedures:


Accident/Incident Procedure

Administering Medication Policy

Administration of Medication Consent Form

Admissions Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Procedure

Child Protection – Allegations against Staff Policy

Child Protection Report

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Log/Compliments Log

Confidentiality Policy

Discipline Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Evacuation Check Sheet and Log Book

Health and Safety Procedure

Lost Child and Uncollected Child Procedure

Official Warnings Log

Sick Children Policy and Procedure

Special Needs Policy

All of these forms are available on request from the Kent Crèche staff.




Our aim at Kent Crèches is to provide an environment which is fun, stimulating, safe and friendly. If however, you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the service you are receiving; please follow this procedure:


Please liaise with the Kent Crèches Supervisor either in person, by phone or in writing.


If after discussing the issue you are still unhappy or dissatisfied you can contact Kent Crèches Manager who will be happy to investigate your complaint.

Chris Kyte

Kent Crèches Ltd

58 St Mildreds Road




t: 01843 447 177

e: chris@kentcreches.co.uk


There is a system in place for the regular exchange of information between parents/guardians and staff. Parents/guardians are able to share information and their views and concerns are both respected and acknowledged. Prompt and appropriate action is always taken on any concerns raised. Complaints will be investigated and complainants will be notified of the conclusion within a 28 day period.




The minimum age of admission is Three months and the maximum age is twelve years.


Children with disabilities and special needs have equal opportunities on bookings. Providing the crèche can meet the child's individual requirements.





If your child is showing signs of illness e.g. a doubtful rash, sore throat, nose or eye discharge, diarrhoea or vomiting please keep him/her at home until a doctor has certified that the symptoms have disappeared.

Children with injuries including a plaster cast must have written confirmation from a doctor confirming they are fit to participate in the Crèche.




If a child attending the crèche is unwell, or becomes unwell their parent/guardian will be asked to return and collect the child.

The Child’s Key Worker will contact the 1st listed contact number.

The sick child will remain with their Key Worker until their parent/guardian arrives and they will then be signed out by the Crèche manager.




Kent Crèches recognise and endeavour to apply the DfEE code of practice and assessment with regards to Special Educational Needs, to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children, with a welcoming approach.

We endeavour to meet these needs in the following ways:


After consultation between parents/guardians, the Supervisor and staff, children with special needs, like all other children, are admitted in the crèches; as long as Kent Crèches have the appropriate facilities, supervision and equipment to meet the needs of the child.


If a child's needs cannot be met on the crèche without extra support, further advice will be sought. This may depend on funding and the availability of staff.


The child's progress will be monitored using observation and record keeping, in liaison with parents, to enable us to monitor the child's developmental needs and progress. Parents/guardians contributions to these records are most welcome.


To meet the specific need of the child Kent Crèches will work in liaison with our Early Years Advisors and Social Workers, where necessary.

When training is required Kent crèches staff will attend training/meetings in accordance with guidelines for special needs, arranged by training agencies or other professional bodies.




Everyone has the right to be treated with respect - with this right comes the responsibility of treating others with respect.

This policy recognises that bullying exists and to reduce or eradicate bullying depends on the co-operation of the children, parents and staff.


No form of bullying shall be tolerated in crèche, at any time. This includes towards and between Kent Crèches staff.


We will take all bullying issues very seriously. If you suspect that your child is being bullied in the crèche please inform the Supervisor straight away so that actions can be taken to stop any further incidents.


Kent Crèches staff will work with you and your child to prevent any further bullying.


Children will be encouraged and educated, at all times, that they should treat others in a way that they would expect to be treated.


If a child continues to bully other children after necessary action has been taken, we reserve the right to refuse entry to that child indefinitely.


Health and Safety


All of our staff will be qualified in their relevant field and will receive training where relevant in; child protection, customer care, health and safety (including risk assessments) and emergency procedures.


Children’s Activity staff will be trained and qualified in accordance with Ofsted recommendations.


There will be a sufficient number of Kent Crèches staff who are first aid qualified.


Staff will ensure that the correct ratios are maintained for the activity.

Any accidents or incidents will be reported to Kent Crèches Management Offices.


We will ensure that all staff completes enhanced DBS checks.

We will operate a Child Protection Policy that seeks to protect and uphold the rights of the young people in our care.




Kent Crèches promises to ensure that all activity areas have a specific clean and a stringent inspection process.


If you are unhappy with the standard of cleanliness please make the Crèches staff aware so that they can take necessary action.


Kent Crèches ensure that play scheme venues are clean, safe and fit for the purpose of the chosen activities (in accordance with Ofsted Registration Regulations).


Environmental Conditions


We will monitor heating, lighting and ventilation levels to ensure customer comfort in any indoor venues, and that outdoor venues will be used only when the weather permits.


Service Quality


Our staff will treat customers courteously and be polite and well informed.

We will take all comments, complaints or suggestions seriously and professionally. Please speak directly to a member of staff or complete a Customer Comment Card (available from the staff). Your views are important to us.


You will receive a reply to your completed Customer Comment Card, letter or email within 10 working days. If you offered your contact details we may initially contact you by telephone.


We will consult with customers regularly through the use of a feedback survey.


Customer Conduct


Kent Crèches staff are here to offer help and advice: But please remember that we will not tolerate violent, racist, or disruptive behaviour either towards members of staff or other customers. Anyone resorting to this behaviour will be asked to leave the premises.