Kent Crèches works in conjunction with various out-reach support groups providing essential support for families who have suffered or may be suffering any type of domestic abuse, working in partnership with these groups to co-facilitate the Freedom Programme helping women to rebuild their confidence and self esteem.

There are no set rules for raising a family and sometimes the pressure can seem overwhelming, especially if your family is going through a difficult time. Working in partnership with out-reach support we can offer the support you need when you need it, helping to make day to day family life and your children's future brighter.

Kent Crèches and YAPS (Young Active Parents group) work together by providing top rate care and a fun stimulating environment for your children to play and express themselves in whilst you as parent or guardian can receive the support you require from the experienced YAP staff.

Kent Crèches can also provide on-site assistance for training programmes such as:


Promoting parent techniques

Supporting young parents with toddlers

Ready to engage in higher learning activities

Young parent support groups

Self-confidence and self-esteem building courses

Evening courses

Parent coaching courses

Child behaviour programmes

Back to work training

Substance abuse or rehabilitation programs

One off events or on-going courses

Many courses run 10 - 12 weeks during out of term time or at weekends. Kent Crèches can provide crèche services for all these courses everyday of the week and week of the year.

At Kent Crèches we believe that every parent or guardian should have the opportunity to learn and grow just as much as their children. By offering our services on courses and training events we can lighten the load off parents and guardians. By providing our mobile crèche service on such courses enables peace of mind and in-turn allows for easier learning and better attendance.